Deer Skin Cowrie Shell Seed Bead Bracelet or Choker Turquoise Colored Crow Beads 8 Cowrie Shells Tie Closure 17 Inches Long

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This vintage hand beaded deer skin bracelet features intricate bead design with turquoise glass seed beads, 3 millimeters round crow beads and eight cowrie shells.  The beading stitches used are the two bead edging stitch and the couching stitch that surrounds the cowrie shells.  The beaded portion of the bracelet measures approximately seven inches long and there are five inches on each side of the shell design making the total length seventeen (17") inches long.   The width of the deer skin bracelet measures two inches wide and than tapers down on each end to one quarter of an inch (1/4".)

 This brain tanned deer skin piece could be worn as a choker.