Vintage African Mixed Trade Bead Single Strand 135 Brown White Yellow Beads Assorted Shapes Cone Cylinder Snake Vertebrae 33 Inches Long

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African Mixed Trade Bead Strand Vintage 33 Inches Long. The strand contains a total of 135 assorted vintage beads. This strand is prominently yellow, brown, and white colors.

Krobo beads from Ghana in West African yellow and brown tubular Powder Glass or Sand Cast beads, Red Heart Bead, six white Mali Wedding beads, authentic snake vertebrae, and early 20th Century Czechoslovakia glass beads are a few of the type of trade beads contained in this strand.

Strung on thick plastic cord or fishing line, this strand is great to wear "as is" or to include in your special jewelry designs.

The copper and brass cuff bracelet is sold separately for $32.00. You can find more information on this items in our bracelet category.