Mythological Theme Pendant Single Strand Necklace Apollo Artemis Hestia Sterling Silver 4 mm Rose Cut Garnets 4 mm Yellow Cubic Zircon 20 Inches Long Custom made

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This artisan necklace features three first generation castings from Mon Coeur's 19th Century collection of 400 Intaglio Impressions from Polish Prince Stanislaus Poniatowski.  This necklace (the first one created) was worn by actress Kathy Bates in a scene as Delphine La Laurie in the American Horror Story: Coven.   She later purchased it for her personal jewelry collection

The necklace features three framed first generation castings. They are sterling silver (925), the impressions depict scenes from Greek mythology,

Left: Artemis, the virginal hunter goddess, and Actaeon, who she transforms into a stag after he sees her bathing

Center: Apollo in profile with the rays of the sun radiating from his head,

Right: Hestia, goddess of hearth & home, sitting, holding the sacred fire & the palladium, a symbol of protection.

What are the Poniatowski gems? Prince Poniatowski (1754-1833) was a Polish prince living in Rome, famed for his extensive collection of almost 2,500 engraved gems commissioned from the most talented engravers of his day. Despite this impressive display, the secretive prince let hardly anyone see these works, so they were known largely by reputation alone.

However, towards the end of his life (in 1830 and 1833), Poniatowski did publish catalogs of his gems, and after his death, his collection was sold by Christie's of London – who released these unique works into the world for the first time.

One feature of Neoclassical gems and shared by these, is that they have a lot of empty space (ancient gems typically do not). However, the airier composition of Neoclassical gems allow for clearer illustration of the myth. You can view a collection of these miniature masterpieces at the Oxford University Beasley Archive and the Getty Museum.

This piece is custom made and requires three weeks to create.