Green Chalcedony Bead Necklace Mid-Century 74 Beads 12 mm by 10 mm 113 Grams 21 Inches Long

Regular price $32.00

These vintage chalcedony beads are a lovely green color with wavy bands of green shades. Each jasper bead is uniquely shaped tending to be near round in the 10 millimeters by 12 mm in size. The largest bead is the center one measuring 14 mm to 12 mm. This necklace is in original condition; it has not been restrung. It has the original hook and eye clasp.

This solid 113 grams necklace feels cool to the touch. It contains 74 smooth surfaced beads and is 21 inches long.

I would be happy to restring and hand knot this gemstone necklace for an additional $30.00.