White Cultured Saltwater Pearl Ring 14 Karat Yellow Gold Floral Motif 11 mm Near Round 8.1 Grams Size 7

Regular price $1,250.00

This uniquely created vintage 14 karat yellow gold ring features a beautiful and lustrous cultured saltwater pearl.   The silvery white pearl is graded 11 millimeters near-round with an excellent surface quality and South Seas origins.

The ring mounting has a stylized flower design that has graceful and sturdy asymmetric leaves encircling the lovely pearl.   The leaves are hand-engraved with the measurement for the top of the setting including the pearl is 16.5 mm in circumference.   The shank shoulders are 3 mm wide and 2 mm thick and it gradates down in width to 2 mm at the center of the shank's bottom.

The ring size is a seven (7) or 17.334 mm. The total ring weight is 8.1 grams.