Antique Malachite Bacchus Cameo 10 Karat Rose Gold Bezel Frame Hand-Carved Pin High Relief Original Pin Closure 58.4 Grams 2 3/8 Inches Long

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This rare high relief malachite cameo was hand-carved in the first half of the 19th Century.    It weight is 58.4 grams, and measures 56 millimeters long by 44 mm wide by 13 mm thick or 2 3/8 inches long by 1 3/4 inches wide by 1/2 of an inch thick.   

The genuine gemstone Bacchus carving is hand-bezel set tested as 10 karat rose gold.   It has the original frame along with the original pin and closure.   The pin is in good condition.   The pin has been meticulous cleaned and restored. The condition of the brooch is good, a few minor scratches, and the dark lines seen on the malachite is the matrix bands.

The metaphysical attributes of malachite is filled with strong deep energy cleaning with the vital positive energy flowing through the Heart and Throat Chakras. It is valued by business owners for protection against undesirable business associates, helps balance relationships and is a stone of Transformation.

The Roman god Dionysus or Liber or Greek god Bacchus is depicted as a young man with long hair carrying his weapon the thyrsus, a pine cone tipped staff in his hand, with a panther draped over his shoulders, and crowned with luscious ivy vines and bunches of grapes.