Bradley & Hubbard Jewelry Tray Bright Bronze Shell with Gibson Girl Stamped 4110 Early 1900 Art Nouveau 1.76 Pounds 6 1/4 Long

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This Bradley and Hubbard art tray is numbered 4110. This unique oyster shell tray features a side view of a woman admiring a flower she is holding in her hand. The woman has a Gibson Girl, up swept hairstyle with a flower tucked behind her ear. The she is wearing an earring and a flowing tunic that reveals her arms, shoulders, and back.

This tray was made in the early 20th Century around 1905 when revealing any part of a woman’s body was quite risque. The tray was cleaned and polished after Hurricane Katrina in late 2005.

It is bronze and has a beautiful bright gold patina. The art tray is concave inspired by the inside of the oyster shell shape but the details of the woman and the flower are multi-dimensional high relief. The condition of this piece is good for the age but has a visible scratch as shown from the top of the tray or the shell lip down to the woman's mid-shoulder.

The tray is smooth to the touch. The flowing high relief detail is a pleasure to see and feel.

On the back of the tray, it has three feet expertly placed for perfect balance. It is marked with the stamped B & H inside a circle with a five leaf half flower on the top and bottom.

Underneath the mark is the stamped number 4110.

The measurements of the tray are six and one-fourth (6 ¼”) inches long, six (6”) inches across at the widest part of the shell, and approximately one quarter (1/4”) of an inch deep. The three little peg feet are about one quarter of an inch high.

It weights 28.17 ounces or 1.76 pounds.