Gold Filled Waltham 1902 Pocket Watch with Chatelaine Pin Celebrity Owner Actress Kathy Bates 1.37 Inches Wide 2.76 Inches Long

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"Thank you for browsing my personal jewelry collection. I’ve collected jewelry over a lifetime of performing on Broadway and in many movie roles. Some of the pieces in my collection were given to me by co-stars, others by dear friends. I’ve asked Janet Bruno-Small to represent me and show the jewelry I’ve collected because Janet and I share the same love of great jewelry pieces. Janet and I hope you will enjoy them as much as we have." Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates' antique pocket watch is complete with her initials "KB" engraved on the attached original chatelaine. The original pin back has been replaced, and the watch pops open with a press of the winding button.

The round watch itself is 35 mm across, and the front and back are engraved with a flowery design; two doves fly toward the central design.  The chatelaine measures 36 mm wide x 22 mm tall, and the winding pin and loop are 15 x 15 mm.

The entire watch hangs nearly 70 mm long. The watch face features roman numerals and an independent second hand, as well as the name of the manufacturer, Waltham.

The inside of the front cover has a serial number, 7973980, stamped on it, while the inside of the back reads "KEYSTONE WATCH CASE" and has a company logo stamp and the serial number.

When the watch is opened up to expose the mechanism, the inside reads "GUARANTEED J.BOSS 25 YEARS" and repeats the serial number. A plate from the mechanism reads "A.W.W.CO. WALTHAM, MASS. 15 JEWELS." Also, the inside of both back covers has numbers, about the same size as the serial stamp, hand-scratched onto them. Date 1902