Mid-Century Western Germany Green Gold Lucite 3-Strands Bead Necklace Geometric Shapes 8-16 mm J-Hook Clasp 14.5 Inches Long 3 Inches Extension Chain

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This Lucite necklace was made in Western Germany in the 1950’s. It features old transparent plastic beads in the special colors of new spring-grass greens and matte gold-lining. The drape of the 3 strand necklace pleasingly displays the variety of geometric shaped green beads. The forty-four (44) beads approximate measurements are the following: 21 square beads ranging from 6 mm to 8 mm, 24 lozenge shaped beads ranging in size from 15 mm graduating up to 20 mm, 15 ice cube shaped beads ranging in size 12 mm by 16 mm, 8 crackled ice beads 16 mm and finally 4 gold-lined 16 mm ice cube shaped beads.

This necklace is 14.5, 16.5 and 18.5 inches long with a three inches adjustable square green bead wire wrapped extension chain.

The necklace is stamped on the J-hook clasp “Western Germany." This beautiful color necklace will be an asset to any women’s jewelry wardrobe.

The necklace appears to be in good condition but it has never been restrung.   It cannot be guaranteed not to break.   For an additional, $50.00 I will be happy to restring this necklace for you at any time.