Vintage Octagonal Enamel Compact 2 Inches Blue White Pink Green Yellow 2 Inches Long Original Finger Ring Enamel Link Chain

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This vintage guilloche’ enamel compact features intricate engine tooling patterns and detailed enamel work on the top, bottom and all 8 sides. The compact is an octagon or 8-sided polygon shape. The silver tone metal compact displays a majority of pale blue enamel on the bottom, 8 sides and a portion of the top. The top of the compact has large center circle of white enamel that is accented with gold, pink and green enamel.

On the top opening lid, I see a reference to a classic compass with the golden enamel “Rose of the Wind” in the center and four garlands of pink roses and their green leaves positioned at the four cardinal points. The unique detailed engine tooling and green leaves radiates out to the 8-point compass rose and further fans out to the 24-Point Vitruvius compass.

The compact is in Good Condition with the rouge, face powder, and mirror still intact. There is no powder puff. The compact measures 2 3/16 inches in circumference and ½ of an inch thick. The finger ring and enamel 3 link chain is original and the chain is about 2 inches long. The finger ring is embellished with flowers around it’s outside