Pansy Flower Basket Brooch High Relief Champleve Signed O. Houriety Blue Green Purple Pink Yellow Enamel 24 Grams 53 mm Round

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This colorful high relief vintage basket of pansy flowers brooch is framed in a silver twisted rope style round frame.   Purple and yellow flowers arranged in a green basket is a lovely color combination.   The sky blue background and yellow table completes this artistic pin.   The pansy in symbolic language for flowers represent Remembrance.

Made in France, this pin is signed on the front area near the left bottom "O Houriety" and on the back speckled navy blue and white enamel background "Emaux d' Art, O. Houriety." The trombone style clasp, pin, and round pin hinge are original and are in good condition.

  • 2 Inches Round
  • 24 Grams