Vintage Givenchy Logo Cuff Bracelet Gold Plated Yellow Gripoix Crystals 1987 2 3/4 Inches Wide 7 1/8 Inches Long

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This genuine Givenchy vintage cuff bracelet has thick gold plating over the iconic Logo pattern with beautiful yellow Gripoix crystal jewel accents. In addition, inside the cuff there is the original metal Signature plaque, "GIVENCHY, Rue Montaigne. Paris, France."

It is a wonderful Statement piece of jewelry with runway fashion show flair. It is not as heavy as it appears weighing 115.10 grams. The solid portion of the bracelet is 5 5/8 inches long or 14.28 centimeters long.   The opening to slip your wrist through is 1 1/2 Inches wide or 3.81 cm wide. The total circumference is 7 1/8 inches or 18.10 cm.

This bracelet is not for a small wrist, so if you are person that has difficulty finding a bracelet your size this is your bracelet. The bracelet is 2 3/4 inches wide or 6.99 cm wide.

The condition of this bracelet is very good vintage condition.  It has been mentioned to me, that there is one section, in question if a jewel is missing. I do not agree that it originally had a jewel in that spot because I believe that the heavy gold plating would be damaged in that area from the fixative solution used to adhere the crystal in place. Please look at photographed images carefully and if need be inspect with magnifier to increase the size.  You will see the area in question. Thank you.

It was purchased in Paris at the Givenchy Boutique on Rue Montaigne by the original owner in 1987.