Meet the Artist

Mon Coeur Fine Jewelry was started in 1994, when Janet received her first jewelry design commission. She has been designing one-of-a-kind jewelry and jewelry lines ever since. In the beginning, her line was sold in women’s clothing stores. Eventually, Janet opened her own retail jewelry gallery.

The retail gallery provided a venue for many wonderful years spent working directly with customers to meet their personal jewelry needs. MC comfortably settled into its niche’ market of custom design services to restyle customers heirloom jewelry their way.

What inspires Janet? She is inspired by her life-long study of the magnificent history of jewelry, fashion, and her personal passionate mission to save vintage and antique jewelry from the metaling pot. This effort began in 2008 when the stock market crashed and the destructive frenzy of melting gold, platinum, and silver jewelry was happening at an exponential rate.

At that point, in an effort to save what I could, MC Estate Jewelry Consignment Services was created. We offered this service to our customers and their family members as a better alternative. Seven years later, these Estate Jewelry Collections are a substantial part of Mon Coeur Jewelry's available inventory.