Dragon Head Necklace Chinese Qilin 4 Inches Long 3 3/4 Inches Wide 3 Dangle Bell Charms Silver Rollo Chain 78.5 Grams 29 Inches Long

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The mythical beast Qilin in China or Kirin in Japan or Girin in Korea is featured in this Chinese antique necklace.  From the dragon’s whiskers to the lion tail the pendant measures 4 inches long. From the top of the Qilin rider’s head to its hooves it measures 3-1/2 inches wide.  The pendant display an intricate repousse’ design of a mythical beast with a smiling rider. The beast’s body surface is skillfully engraved depicting the dragon’s scales. And more details such as the saddle is deeply engraved with a floral pattern, the huge bulging eyes of the dragon and the symbols of fire and flames are throughout.  Two 17 millimeters discs attach the 29 inches long Rollo chain to the antique Qilin pendant.

The pleasant sounds from the bell charms are unique to each charm. The handmade chain dangling the 17 mm wide by 21 mm long bell charms suspend from the Qilin hooves: front Jade donut and 4 mm carnelian round bead, the first bell charm hangs 2 ¾ inches long, the middle 3 ¾ inches and the back 2 ¾ inches. The necklace total weight is 78.5 Grams. Silver content is less than sterling silver 925. Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

Folk lore describes the Kirin beast as having a dragon face, skin and scales of a snake, a lion’s tail, oxen hooves, and horn of a giraffe or deer. The lore says this beast appeared to Confucius mother announcing his birth and foretelling his future status as a great sage. Its appearance is also said to bring happiness, good fortune, and announces the birth and passing of a reign.