Vintage Topaz Gemstone Gold Over Sterling Silver Chain Necklace Paisley Design 3 Oval Stones 32 cwt. Stamped Made in Isarel 18.5 Inches Long

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Vintage topaz and gold-over-sterling silver necklace features intricate detail in the silversmith techniques used to handcraft it.   Hammered out silver sheet cut into three main components the center shield shape is adjacent to a pair of twisted tear-drop shapes or paisley designs.  Each necklace component contains one genuine oval cut and facetted Topaz gemstone with a total weight of 32 cwt.:

  • Right bezel set oval 16 mm long x 9 mm wide, x 6 mm thick,
  • Center bezel set oval 19 mm long x 13 mm wide x 8 mm thick,
  • Left bezel set oval 16 mm long x 9 mm wide x 5 mm thick,

The center component is stamped Made in Israel on the back.   The center shield shape measures 2 inches long with an additional length created by seven fluttering 9 mm long leave charms and is 1 1/2 inches wide.  Each paisley design side measures 2 inches long and 1/2-inch-wide.   Each piece is embellished with tiny individual diamond shaped cut silver pieces, tiny-twisted wire spirals, and granulation bead flowers.   There are two rows of 3 flower rosette links on each side, eleven 1/2-inch-long link bars creating a chain 6 inches long chain on each side making for a total necklace length of 18.5 inches and weighs 24.4 grams.  Recently we re-electroplated the necklace using 24K gold solution because I like to keep this piece a bright gold.

The paisley design has a rich history as far back as 200 AD, it has spiritual and symbolic meaning including representing abundance, fertility and good luck.