Crystal Graduated Sautoir Necklace 1920's Blue Cubes Mint Green Spheres Clear Crystal Spacer Beads Hand Knotted 37 Inches Long

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Vintage from the 1920s this necklace is so cool with the juxtaposition of the cube and the sphere and the earth and sky colors.  It is from a wonderful New Orleanian Estate of which the owner was an advocate for the New Orleans Audubon Park Zoo animals.  Her work began in the 1960's and continued for many years.

It is 37 inches long and has graduating sized beads. The cubes range from 12 millimeters x 12 mm through 5 mm x 5 mm.  The spheres graduate up from 7 mm-12 mm, the silver spacer beads are a thin 1 mm, and finally a clear crystal spacer bead measures 7 mm x 3 mm.

This necklace can be worn long, twisted twice around your neck, or hung together with a brooch.  The necklace is a unique combination of colored crystal beads. This vintage look adds a nice splash of color and texture to most necklines.