Antique Miniature Porcelain Portrait Pin 12 Karat Gold Ornate Frame Hand Painted Man with Red Vest Holding a Staff 24.2 Grams 2 Inches Long

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Hand painted on porcelain, this pin depicts a portrait of a seated male figure wearing a red vest and posing with a wooden staff. The ornate frame encircles the oval portrait with hollow tube entwining grape vine and 4 engraved grape leaves positioned at the cardinal points. The 3-D frame's metal purity content electronically tested at 12 karat yellow gold. The total brooch weight is 24.2 grams. It measures 50 millimeters (1.96 inches) long, 43 mm (1.69 inches) wide and 10 mm thick.

The pin has the original C-catch, pin stem. The pin extends an additional 3 mm out of the catch. An additional safety, a silver clutch, is on the pin stem.

This 1860-1870's era portrait pin is part of a New Orleans Estate collection being offered. The owner was an animal lover and an advocate for the New Orleans Audubon Park Zoo animals. Her volunteer work began in the 1960's and continued for many years.