Black Satin Pouch Handbag with Wrist Style Handle, Gold Metal Accents 1930's

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This 1930's era black satin pouch handbag with wristlet style handle has a bold gold metal 4 rings purse closure mechanism. The ring closure is 3/4 of an inch or 20 millimeters long, 3 mm thick, and 1 5/8" inches or 42 mm wide. The black satin bag has two pleats across the body of the bag, a hard fabric bottom and is fully lined. It is in good condition.

The bag measures 4 1/2" inches long, 5 3/4" inches wide at the oval purse bottom. At the widest point, the purse is 7" inches wide. The satin wristlet strap is 2" inches across or wide and 10" inches long.