Chevron Tribal Bead Single Strand Necklace Amber Carnelian Glass Beads Red White Blue Tubes Cobalt Blue Dutch Donuts Mali Wedding Beads 89 Grams 19 Inches Long

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This hand made one-of-a-kind African trade bead necklace has one large chevron center bead that measures approximately 1 1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide and the base color is white colors of cobalt blue and red.  There are twenty-eight (28) white and blue tube shaped beads and two (2) 15 millimeters round carnelian beads.   In addition, there are two (2) white sand beads with blue red and green stripes 20 mm long, 12 mm thick, twenty-two (22) cobalt blue donuts three (3) amber beads and three (3) tribal white wedding beads,

The vintage beads are strung on sterling silver chain.   It weights 89 grams and is 20 inches long.