Vintage French Limoges Enamel Pin Signed Lady in Blue with Feathers in Hat Hand Painted Stamped Made in France 1 1/2 Inches Wide 2 Inches Long

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Vintage oval pin with great detail is a hand painted woman in an electric blue dress with pink feathers in her hat.  The Painted or Limoges enamel technique used to create this portrait first begins with a black enamel background applied and fired onto a copper plate.  Then the subject is painted in luminous powdered glass colors including gold onto the background and fired.   This painting and firing process can require several times to create the lovely brilliant colorful portraiture.

The bezel setting with rope design is gold washed and stamped on the back “MADE IN FRANCE.”  The brooch is 49 millimeters long x 39 mm wide x 6 mm thick.  The trombone catch is in good original condition, the frame has a few spots as seen on the close up images.