Antique Miniature Portrait Pin Women with Piercing Blue Eyes Stamped 800 Two-Tone Filigree Frame 12 Grams 1 1/2 Inches Wide 2 Inches Long

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This miniature portrait pin of a "Lady in Maroon Dress with Piercing Blue Eyes" is hand painted on a thin wafer material with water color paints. The intricate filigree frame is two-tone with silver and gold color metal wire detailing. The pin is 50 mm (1.97") long x 41 mm (1.61") wide, and 8 mm thick. The total weight is 12 grams.

On the back of the pin frame, it is stamped 800 and a tiny marquise shaped symbol. There is a golden color silk fabric backing and the original bowed glass face covering the portrait. The pin has the original trombone catch, pin stem and retractable decorative bail.

This mourning pin is part of a New Orleans Estate of which the owner was an advocate for the New Orleans Audubon Park Zoo animals. Her work began in the 1960's and continued for many years.