Woodstock Golden 3-Discs Dangle Earrings Modernist Signed ROZ Balkin Clip-On Ear Backs 19.1 Grams 1 Inch Wide 3 7/8 Inch Long

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These Modernist earrings were created by 1980’s artisan Nina-Roz Balkin from Woodstock, New York.  Luxuriously long they naturally swing tantalizingly dusting your shoulders. The gilded discs dangle earrings are 3 7/8 inches of Kinetic Art beauty.  (9.84 Centimeters long)

The earrings are skillfully hammered and have secure clip-on style earring findings.  The disc measures one inch (1”) across and weighs 19.1 grams.

Signed:  ROZ Balkin, Condition: Excellent