Mother of Pearl Bead and Pendant Necklace Single Strand Sterling Silver Filigree Clasp 32 Grams 18 Inches Long

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From Mon Coeur’s Promise Collection, this antique mother of pearl carved fan blade pendant gracefully dangles from a single strand necklace consisting of a stunning bead and color combinations of ruby red and moon glow beige. 

This necklace features ninety Ping family stone carver’s saucer-shaped mother of pearl beads and twelve vintage ruby red glass beads from Czechoslovakia.  The iridescent seashell pendant has a hand-carved ribbed texture and inlaid silver patterns, its 3 inches long, 1 inch at the widest point and 2 millimeters thick.  The two (2) inches long chain dangle, wire-findings and filigree clasp is sterling silver.  The hand-knotted necklace is 18 inches long and its' weight is 32 grams.