Richard Hudnut Cloisonne' Enamel le Debut Compact Octagonal Shape Blue Base White Center Flower Silver Dots Original Finger Chain

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This is a 1924 vintage blue le Debut, Richard Hudnut, cloisonne enamel compact with the original powder, rouge, puffs and mirror. It has a rich opaque blue cloisonne lid with silver dots and a pretty bold white center flower.

The back of the compact has a spider web machine tooled design that nicely accentuates the octagonal shape of the compact.

The case opens to a rouge compartment and mirror in the lid that is behind the blue Art Deco cover.    The cake powder compartment is in the lower section of the compact. There is some original rouge and original powder.

The compact does show some wear on the bottom of the piece. Inside it is hallmarked "le Debut, Richard Hudnut, PAT. 75281.” All hinges and the clasp work perfectly. The finger chain is original. The compact is in good condition. It measures approximately 2 inches across, 5/8 of an inch thick and is an 8 sided polygon or octagonal shape.