Turquoise Bead and Sterling Silver Single Strand Women's Necklace 50-Grams 25 Inches Long

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This smooth natural vibrant blue turquoise and sterling silver woman’s necklace features a variety of bead shapes.  The genuine turquoise beads are ninety-four (94) 4-millimeters round ones, the one (1) center bead is approximately 17 mm long by 11 mm thick and it’s flanked by thirty (30) disc-shaped beads approximately 11 mm long and 3-5 mm thick. 

There are ten (10) ocean blue transparent East German vintage glass beads; they are different shapes and range in size 10, 8 and 4 mm.  The toggle clasp is sterling silver.  The necklace weighs 50 grams and is 25 inches long.