Vintage Bamboo Stick Tie Bar Men's Necktie Accessory 14K Gold Florentine Finish Bright Polished and Engraved 4.9 Grams 5 mm Wide 1.75" Long

Regular price $315.00

This classic men's necktie accessory is a 14K yellow gold tie bar featuring an excellently crafted bamboo motif. The hand engraved details, are accented by a juxtaposition of brushed and high polish finishes. The tie bar is 1.75" inches long by 5 millimeters wide and 4 mm thick. This vintage tie bar weight is 4.9 grams and is in excellent condition.

The 5 millimeters wide tie bar is easy to put on and has good tension for secure grip on your tie. This mid-20th Century tie accessory is from a prominent New Orleanian family estate. It is one of 18 men's necktie accessories from this collection.

In addition, it is packaged in a Mon Coeur Fine Jewelry new black jewelry box and white and gold, Fleur de Lis tissue paper wrap.